Lab was referee approved, but the link doesn't work and lab can't be found

My lab was recently referee approved (September 6th) and I received the following email, however when I click the link it says “Lab Not Found.” Am I missing a step somewhere?

Your lab Central Piedmont Fab Lab, was approved by one of the designated referees. -
You will receive more information soon.
You can check your lab profile at:

Also, the link describing the approval process refers to an image of a state machine, but there is no image on the page:


Hi Adam,

I indeed see your forum post from two days ago and indeed the Central Piedmont Fab Lab does not seem to exist (yet).

When I search for acharris in, I see that your last activity was applying as a fab lab employee at Fab Ed Carolina (8 months ago). However, on Fab Ed Carolina | FabLabs there is no employee at all listed. The latter is strange as well: if there is not even a single employee, who should approve new employee applications then?

Looks like something went wrong. I hope some system manager can help you soon.

PS As soon as your Central Piemont fablab realy has been included into the list, I would like to invite you to prepare a so-called SDG Profile for your lab. See https://fab14-sdgs-fablabmanager for more details or write me directly.

All the best,
Pieter van der Hijden