Machine Information Posters

Hello, I am from Karachi and run the Tajurbagah MakerSpace - I am also planning a much bigger makerspace in a school. I will be adding the other FabLab to the list soon.

I am planning the space and wanted to know if there are posters about Machines which we can use ?

Posters which provide basic info about the machine to users like in a museum. With similar layouts and machine specs, timing, safety guidelines, usage criteria and other info neatly shown to all.

I would be making those, but wanted to know if someone has done similar effort so I dont duplicate efforts but improve and then share back



Similar to cards made by Sparktruck -

The complete set of cards is available on their site linked above as a PDF File.

There must be many labs that have done something like this. I only have put it in the my forum but in German.

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Yeah, that’s why I asked as many people may have done similar work

Very good point! It would be great to not to reinvent the wheel and have a common file which we can replace the picture and translate the text. The text should be sufficiently generic so that it does not need to change depending on the model.


Ideation started, hope my writing is legible, will document this on computer later.

Advice and reviews needed.


I am really very happy to visit your blog. Now I am found which I actually want. Thanks a lot for sharing a piece of wonderful information which I am looking for a longer period of time.

Already a lot there but maintance or how it should be left for the next person might be an addition, but only if there is left over space.

PPE needed should be enough with logos.