Maker Tour 2019 - Videos

I’m making a series of videos showcasing makers across the world, I’m starting in Europe with my first #MakerTrip :slight_smile:
I’m looking for makers in Europe that are willing to show me how, why, and where they make :slight_smile:

Here is a video where you can find more info:

You can find more info in the following link:

Hey Sofia,

We’ll be glad to welcome you at the SimplonLab, in Paris. Let us know if you’ll be around among your trip !

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I will thank you very much @AFournier unfortunately I’m not going to Paris this time :frowning: I planed the trip before the tour haha that was my big mistake :frowning: I’m sorry.

Nice idea Sofía I am from Barcelona. I am trying to made a robotic arm with fpga microchip, but I can’t help you because still at the begging.

Any maker no matter if you are really experienced or just starting out deserves to make their story heard if wanted. So don’t be afraid to apply :slight_smile: We can talk by mail and you can tell me more about your project. I studied Engineering in Mechatronics so maybe I can help you.