Makerspace information session on Zoom

Hi I’m currently a Fellow at the US Embassy’s American Center Korea’s Fab Lab and due to the Covid-19 situation we cannot offer regular classes. So instead we are currently offering a series of Makerspace related Zoom sessions that hope to inform and create a virtual space for discussion. Our first session is scheduled on Friday June 5th Korea Standard Time 3pm.

The first session will be about makerspaces, maker culture, and localized resources for people in South Korea. It’s a free session that only requires prior registration, if anyone is interested please feel free to join and participate. Thank you for your time and I hope everyone is safe. Cheers

Hi Aloysha,

I am from Philippines, with the team from Digihub - Fablab Davao. May I join?

Of course, its open and free to anyone who has an interest in makerspaces. We only ask you pre register so we can send the zoom link to your email

Hi Aloysha,

Yey! This is great! I already submitted my filled up registration form. See you and God bless you.

Hi sir Tex, I hope you are well. It’s been a long time since the last time I heard about your tutorial series. I wish to subscribe to your successive events. Is it possible that you can send me an e-mail:

Looking forward to hear back from you guys there in American Center Korea. Appreciate your kindness.

Best regards,

Jeremiah Bargio, Digihub - FabLab Davao

We don’t have an official mailing list but I can have all the virtual events posted here if that helps?

Yes sure, that will do. Looking forward to it. Stay safe you all there.

Please send my regards to your team.

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