New process for Brazil

Hello all, here is @kenzoabiko and we from the Brazilian Fab Lab Network are proposing a new complementary process do approve Fab Labs in

Together with our oficial three judges: Fab Lab Lima, Fab Lab Leon and Fab Lab Wgtn. We created a KIT, with pre established documents people have to send to be evaluated.

So how does it work? (ps: we in this context ins the Brazilian Network)

  • Four times a year we getter all the labs that want to become a FAB LAB and send them the KIT.
  • They send the documents back (some don’t and that’s OK) and we analise it.
  • We make a call to say if they pass or not, and why. If they don’t they call re-apply again in the next cycle.
  • We getter all documentation and sent them to the Judges.
  • The Judges say, ok or no.
  • We ask for the Labs to subscribe their labs in with our three judges.
  • And that’s it


  • Less waste of time in non FAB LAB applications. (Labs that don’t GET what is a FAB LAB! We send them the KIT and it makes them study)
  • Less confusion in what is a FAB LAB and how to prove it. (No more: “more information” from the Judges)
  • Better connection to the local network after the approval.
  • No emails all year to Judges (only four times a year).
  • More commitment from the Labs (we make they sign a letter, just like FabCity does).
  • More transparent communication (some Labs have experience lot’s of time to get approved, that is understanding because being a Judge is a Volunteer job, and as such we believe that it should be confined to a couple of hours an year :slight_smile:


We know that the FAB LAB concept is evolving each year, so a structure so “closed” is not for every country, but works very well in ours. And when some lab want to become a lab, but is not in the pre requisite we have and open discussion about that (this is happening with a lab that wants to have just bio-equipment). Other than that we see no disadvantages, but if you have any suggestions let us know.

If you like the process fell free to use it or remix it!!! (and tell us please!)



Here is the KIT!

The following materials must be provided so that the Fab Lab Brasil Network can support the approval of the new Fab Labs with the Referees:

  1. Fab Lab video with caption in English (will be posted on Fab Brazil Network page)
    Information contained in the video:

● ● ● ● ●
About the Fab Lab (Fab Lab’s name, location, context, focus, etc.)
About the Fab Lab team (team presentation, mini bio, role, responsibilities) About Fab Lab structure (tour throughout the Fab Lab showing the space) About the Fab Lab machines (showing the equipments that they have) About the Open Day (which days, time and access information)
Presentation (in portuguese and english) with information that will also
be used (later) to register in
Information contained in the presentation:
● Slide 1
Fab Lab name and logo (if it exists)
● Slide 2
Photo of the Fab Lab with the layout of the space (can be the floor plan)
● Slide 3
Team photo (individual photo of each person) with mini bio and their role
● Slide 4
Inventory of machines with image and their specification (e.g: Printer
Makerbot 3d - printing area 150x150x150mm - PLA and ABS).
● Slide 5
How Open Day works, with rules and days (e.g. every wednesday from 12:00 to 19:00. It’s necessary to schedule before by email . To access it’s necessary to bring your own PPE (personal protection equipment) and any material that will be used)
● Slide 6
Information in case of service providing (e .g. we provide cutting services, printing, etc. for more information access the website)
● Slide 7
Term of acceptance signed and scanned (template available at the end of this document)

Step 1: Build your Fab Lab, exchanging knowledge with other Fab Labs, visiting other spaces, reading materials.
Step 2: Prepare a video and a presentation (After the Lab is approved the video will be go on the FLBN youtube channel)
Step 3: Presentation of the Fab Lab (with the previous video and slides) on hangout for all the Fab Lab Brazil Network and Referees (optional) in a recorded meeting. Each Fab Lab must organize a 10 minutes presentation.
Step 4: Fab Lab Brazil Network will support approvals 4 times a year. After completing step 3, the Network will submit the documentation developed to the Judges for approval in the months of January, April, July and October.
Step 5: After receiving confirmation from FLBN you have one week to register in and include the information of the slides (team, machines, etc) selecting the indicated Referees. (after that the Lab will be automatically reschedule to next cycle of approval).
Step 6: The Judges will have a week to approve the labs (Two weeks after the FLBN confirmation email).
Developed by: Kenzo Abiko e Tais Lima em (Set/2018) Modified by: Nuria (Set/2018)
I ___________________________________________ Representing F abLab _____________________________________
Affirm that the FabLab I represent:

  1. Have read and acknowledged the Fab Lab Charter and will leave it exposed in a visible place of the FabLab . (
  2. Has the tools and supplies compatible with the International Fablabs Inventory (
  3. Participates actively in the global network (such as: regional meetings, FABx conferences and discussions at
  4. Has employees who will be trained in FabAcademy or similar program. 5. Has access to the general public through the open-day.
    I further state that in case the laboratory in question ceases to follow one of the 5 basic principles of FabLab, it will leave and remove the Fab Lab nomenclature from its name.
    ___________________, ___ of _____________ of 2018

signature and readable name
It is understood that this letter and its contents are passed on to all FabLab’s team, and that this document is valid even with the change of the representative that signs it.
This term is based on the principles of FabFoundation: ( )


Hi, I am makerspace manager at FEB 360º in Barretos-SP/Brazil, the link for the google docs isn’t working. Thank you.

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Very supportive of such a proposal! It can make registration more efficient, and greatly save everyone’s time cost. When will it be implemented?

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I have changed thanks!

We are implementing in Brazil right now. Feel free to implement in your country