"Nginx 413 Request Entity Too Large" when finalising registration of new lab

Hello Fablabs.io!

We are a relatively new fab lab in Belgium and I wanted to register it on your website. Filled out everything and then when I selected “Add Lab”, I got an error screen with " Nginx 413 Request Entity Too Large" as text. How do I resolve this?

Best regards,

FABLAB 2300 (Belgium)

I have tried the same. My solution was to upload a smaller file for the pictures.
And it worked.
good luck to you from FabLab DYNAMO

Yes, we had the same problem, omit the images and works!!!

Greetings from Costa Rica IICA Agricultrual FabLab (on acredditation too!!!). Good luck to you too

Thank you for being helpful! I tried converting to smaller images, but then it still did not work. Skipped the images all together and now the application has been sent :slight_smile:

It did work! Costa Rica to the rescue :slight_smile:
Fablab info has been submitted for approval - thanks for the help!