Non-chemical Plywood in BeNeLux area

Recently I visited FabLab Den Haag in The Netherlands. They told me they are using a special kind of plywood there; not only the wood is from sustainable sources (FSC), but also the glue is “ecological”, meaning it is non-chemical non-toxic and transparant, causing less harmful fumes, waste and cuts better.

Despite various requests this FabLab is not willing to share the brand of the plywood, or where they are purchasing it, so I started my own search for it. After a lof of online searching and calling around to local suppliers, I was not able to find it. Then sent e-mails to various FabLabs in the BeNeLux area (addresses found on and asked for help.

It is amazing how many replies I got, with people hinting towards a solution or asking to be kept “in the loop” if I found anything. So I created this discussion thread to keep an open overview.

So far I have found several entry points and advice, but are still in the process of finding the actual thing.

Results so far:

  1., have materials without formaldehyde, also have a forum/community.
  2. Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel, have a special kind of plywood that is better for laser cutting. They are currently on vacation, I will contact them.
  3. FabLab Amersfoort may be working with more sustainable materials
  4. Timelab is working on their own material called Knotplex.
  5. Trotec ( has materials especially for laser cutting
  6. Amsterdamsche Fijnhouthandel may have it
  7. Pangua Pureglue may the material I am looking for. The sales person informed me the material can be bought at their location in Waalwijk. I am still waiting for a response regarding my question for the price.

Thank you for sharing valueable information

Trotect insists that their wood (MDF) has a low amount of glue and is free of formaldehyde. Note that according to Trotec a low amount of formaldehyde is always released when burning organic material.

More information in the import statement: