Open Badges applicability

Hi folks,

Still working on my Masters (despite some setbacks).

One are of interest for me (atm) is around wider network(s) of MakerSpaces & FabLabs, and trying to fill in the gaps in between where there is shared or common needs.
Think of a federation of independent spaces - not unlike the UK Hackspace Foundation & FabLab network.

One area of need is around education (young & old) & certification, so that people can come in to a space, learn some skills or competency on equipment, and then be able to use similar equipment elsewhere - qualifications for new job, tertiary institution, other MakerSpaces/FabLabs - local or abroad.

The obvious answer or solution would be micro-credentialing/micro-certification; the most widely adopted standard seeming to be Open Badges.

Some noteworthy players in this space seem to be:

(Related to this)
I’ve noticed that Fab-Manager have updated their stack, so I’m hoping to figure out some sort of integration so that relevant badges can be queried on a blockchain to verify that a member is certified to safely operate a piece of equipment (NFC/BLE scanning a tag & IoT-enabling via MQTT, or something along those lines)

What I’m hoping to achieve is some sort of Open, verifiable “Makers Pass” that could be used across 'Spaces/Labs & attractive to employers/benefactors.

This may seem like a Projects question (and probably is), but more to the point may be to figure out if the adoption & use of Open Badges across Spaces/FabLabs is even a viable path to go down to begin with, or is there some consideration I’ve not thought of yet?

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hey, there is also this system that they are promoting a lot in the US
but the documentation is not great

I also found
Why OBF? - Open Badge Factory
Open Badges - La Casemate
GitHub - openfab-lab/pack-openbadge-fablab: To centralise all about badges for Openfab

I am also currently thinking of using some badges but i havent decided yet which ones

Such an alliance looks like the way to go, but the platform looks terrible & and does not instill a load of confidence, which is something I expect is pretty importance for certification & authentication.

Seems Europe is doing well with adoption (& seen adoption elsewhere in professional field), which is why I think this has merit.

I think an important property is that it needs to be Open & not centralised by a single (or few) providers that might wither on the vine or disappear, but portable (& verifiable) so that folks own & grow their portfolio.

Attaching a degree of trust & confidence enough for them to access & safely utilise a bit of kit meems the challenge

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