Open Call: ATÖLYE and FabLab Lisboa are looking for new Designer-in-Residence


Open Call: ATÖLYE and FabLab Lisboa are looking for new Designer-in-Residence
The Designer-in-Residence program of ATÖLYE, provides designers the necessary
equipment, material and expertise to develop their designs. For the second edition of the
program, ATÖLYE is looking for it’s new resident who will have a chance to work at ATÖLYE’s
transdisciplinary and innovative workspace. The designer will develop his/her project in the
Prototyping Lab, a member of the MIT Fab Lab Network, which provides the resident’s with their
needs to materialise their ideas using the contemporary physical and digital prototyping
equipment. During the program which will take place for two months, the designer who is
selected by ATÖLYE will have full access to ATÖLYE’s Prototyping Lab’s digital infrastructure,
physical production equipment and enough material to experiment. The resident will also get
mentorship and communications support from ATÖLYE itself and become a member of the
multidisciplinary community.
By focusing on one material for each residency, the designers are expected to plan, design and
prototype products. With this program, ATÖLYE is aiming to engage and involve young talents
by providing them with hands-on experiences.
The first Designer-in-Residence with the focus material foam, took place in December 2017 and
January 2018, hosting Istanbul based industrial designer Bilge Nur Saltık. She explored the
alternative uses of the material as well as unleashing it’s potential by integrating it with everyday
objects. By using the 3D printer and the laser cut found in ATÖLYE’s Prototyping Lab, she used
conventional cutting techniques and new age technologies to shape foam in alternative ways.
With the help of the feedback she received from ATÖLYE’s team and community, she
developed a project in which she explored the interaction of foam with soap, scents and
The registration deadline for the second edition of the residency is 13th of April!
For the second edition of the program, ATÖLYE and FabLab Lisboa, members of the European
Creative Hubs Network, will be hosting an international Designer-in-Residence program with the
focus material ‘cork’. ATÖLYE will be looking for their next ‘Designer-in-Residence’ who will
work in ATÖLYE’s Prototyping Lab, between May - June 2018, to design and prototype
materials that regenerate cork. The material which will be specially delivered in clusters from
Portugal is supplied by Amorim Cork Ventures, a company established specifically to support
entrepreneurs and startups who are exploring innovative ideas with cork.
Each designer that will be selected by FabLab Lisboa and ATÖLYE, will work on their projects
for two months. After completion, designers will have the chance to showcase their prototypes
and projects with a public exhibition at the same time separately in ATÖLYE and FabLab
Lisboa. Additionally, both projects will be promoted through communication channels of
ATÖLYE and FabLab Lisboa.
The resident who wants to have a chance to work with this ecologically sustainable material with
unique qualities has to apply to the program from ATÖLYE website by submitting their CV portfolio and registration form until the 13th of April 2018 .
Registration Form: