Open Call to Maker FabCity Store

On the occasion of the Fab City Summit taking place this year at Parc de la Villette in Paris, from July 11th to 22nd, we are setting up the Fab City Store. This pop’up store will highlight the actors of the movement during the international event of the Fab City Summit.

It will present a selection of manifest products prefiguring the future market of Think global / Make local through four entries: local corner, global factory, custom lab and workshop.

Our approach stems from several questions through the economic models developed by users of makerspaces:
* Which channel of distribution for the creations and products of the users at the time of the Fab City?
* How to strengthen the link between global creation and local manufacturing?
* What products are already available that prefigure the Fab City?
* What can the store of the future look like here and now?

To answer these questions, we created a Call to Participation at Fab City Store! Maybe you know people who might be interested !

The key to this call for participation: a presentation of the products selected during the Fab City Summit and an international jury to reward the best product maker of the year!

To apply for the call for participation, it is happening here:Form_Participation_Open-Call_FabCityStore
And for more details on the event: FabCity Store_Presentation


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