Open up a FabLab in a poor village


I’m an architecture student and i’m working at a FabLab project that cand be build somewhere in the south of Romania. As i analyzed the village, i figured out that what will make people work in a FabLab is their need of technologies and what will bound them together is their need of the other’s specialization, and also who it will improve the village’s economy. But my question is what is the secret for a successful FabLab?

Thank you very much for your attention! (Any answer is appreciable for my research work on this thematic)

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Nice to know about your effort to promote maker culture in villages. Secret of successful Fab Lab is building up the strong maker community. A Fab Lab may have top facilities and people to teach technology but it may fail if villagers do not engage in making things and share them with other villagers. So their should be some kind of social gathering where everyone come at one place and discuss and showcase their work done in Fab Lab.

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