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Dear Fab Friends,

Maybe my issue is out-of -context here. In the case, please tell me where to go. Who is in charge of our gitlab site currently?

My issue is: When pushing updates to a repository on, I receive a fatal error message: “pack exceeds maximum allowed size” (see screenshot below).

What means “pack” in this context? Does such a concept need a maximum size? If so, what is the actual size, and how can I work around it?

Please advice.


Not completely sure but try to check with this:

hope it helps :slight_smile:

ps. it says maximum size is 100mb

Hi Stavros,

Thank you for your fast response.

Indeed, the actual branch plus .git counts for 300+ MB. So, that must be the cause of the problem.

I will split my project into smaller ones, replace resource collections with outbound links where appropriate and double check for video files etc

All the best from Amsterdam

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Fabcloud has a “maximum push size” of 10MB, which could be what is causing the issue. I see you were trying to push 4 commits, so you could try to break up your changes into multiple smaller commits and then maybe push commits individually (ie. git push master :master)?