Problem with this website

I wrote to you because our fablab is yet registered in your portal but we can’t manage it (i sent many mail in the last months).

We are Megahub and we collaborate with Fabcube, Verona Fablab and many others.

What’s the problem? What can i do?

Thank you


Send an email to or open an issue in GitHub with your problem. Did your referees approve your FabLab?

I sent two mail to but nobody responded.
Who are referees?

Is your FabLab approved or you just submitted it?

Insist with the email :smiley: says: “We already have ‘Megahub - Schio, Italy’ lab in our database, if it is not yet visible on the site it will be soon”

Create an issue here:

I try to enter in but I can’t sign in. It says that I’m already registered but I’ve never done.

Please don’t open an issue on GitHub for something like this, it’s not about the code, e-mail to is the best option. We already discussed this in another thread, we did not receive a reply from you.

As far as I can see your lab was rejected, but you specified only one Referee, you need to specify 3 Referee Labs. Is it correct? Did you specify 1 or 3 labs?

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Sorry for that suggestion :frowning:

No problem! :slight_smile:

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Where can I choose the Referee?

When you add a new lab, under Important Information you will find Please select 3 Referee Labs; click on the form and the list of Referees will appear:


maybe i’m bothering you but ı am having a similar problem as well. I added our new fablab to list once than it’s been a while since it doesnt listed ı want to add again(second time) but it shows it’s already in the database and it will show soon. But we can’t monitoring the approval processs of our application. Also ı can’t get any responde from webmaster from side. Could you suggest us a way to get involve the fablab network and render in the a labs category in the map. Is there a way to do that manually .

Kind Regards;
Anadolu University, Department of Architecture and Design

The newly added Fablab lab maps can’t be added. Do you have a solution?

No, but we are working on it…

The Address (Step 1) is found with Google Place Autocomplete, you are probably adding too many details and Google cannot find it. Just add a simple address, you can add more details in Step 2.