Proposal for a new Fablab in Cornwall UK

For the past 5 years I have been running a very small Maker Space in Cornwall, here is a link showing our activities
I am now seriously thinking about expanding it into a full Fablab. I have much of the skills and equipment required to run a small lab, although my electronics and coding skills are limited. This is a fairly deprived and isolated area of the country and the nearest lab is about 100miles away, so it should be a good general location. I would like to start approaching funders and was wondering if there were any ‘proposal’ documents already written that could be edited and and presented to funding organisations. I am thinking the Lab would be focused on the community, general public, artists, makers, students and small companies looking to up grade digital manufacturing skills.
Thanks in advance

Hi Aaron,

I started writing a quick reply, but it extended into a longer piece, so i’ll post it here when i’ve finished it. :smiley: