Research on Remote Design Collaboration

Hi all!

I am a masters student at MIT, and I am conducting research about how the process of designing and developing physical products changes when team members/stakeholders are not collocated.

I am currently collecting interviews from designers and makers across industries and geographies, and I would love to get some insight from this globally distributed network of makers that are already so well versed in collaborating across space and time.

If anyone is interested in speaking with me, I’d very much like to set up a time to chat!

Thanks for any help!


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Hi Jordan,

I’m currently designing a product with two other people each of them in different locations, we are right now developing it and we will be concluding the prototyping face by end of Feb. The idea is to physically reproduce it and implement it in a sort of pilot project. Let me know if this seems to be from your interest on your research, I’m happy to have a chat about the process :slight_smile:


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Thanks for reaching out! It seems like a very relevant project, and I’d absolutely like to learn more about it. Is there a good way for me to contact you to set up a time to chat?