SCOPESdf Educator Office Hour Hangouts this week! Come chat about your learning experiences to submit by 31-May!

Come chat live, whether you’re Fab Lab, Makerspace, or just excited about STEM learning through digital fabrication! We know it’s a busy time of year, so to support submissions to the current call for SCOPESdf learning experiences, we’re hosting live Google Hangout “office hours” before the May 31st deadline next week.

During these conversations, we will review the goals of SCOPESdf (Scaling a Community of Practice in Education for STEM through digital fabrication), then share the content we’re hoping to collect and co-curate with you before the FAB13 launch in August. We’ll briefly walk through the current online submission form, and open up for questions and ideas. We’re hoping you’ll come ready to share an experience or aspiration of a project or activity you’ve facilitated with K-12 learners that was especially engaging or unique because of its use (or the potential to use) digital fabrication tools. As time permits, we’ll also share lessons learned about facilitating projects in your classrooms or other educational spaces.

To join, RSVP to Danielle Martin at for any of these 3 slots:

Wednesday, 24-May 1pm EDT
Friday, 26-May 2pm EDT
Tuesday, 30-May 6pm EDT

We look forward to your participation - here’s more info on the current SCOPESdf project if you need it!

We need your input! The Fab Foundation is calling any educators in Fab Lab and maker networks to contribute activities and projects engaging K-12 learners in STEM pursuits through digital fabrication, to seed a new community of practice, SCOPESdf. Submit online at or email by May 31st, 2017.

Help us spread the call! Share to social media:

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About SCOPESdf: Fab Foundation’s new Scaling a Community of Practice for Education in STEM through Digital Fabrication (SCOPESdf) project aims to catalyze STEM learning in formal educational environments through digital fabrication technologies and practices found in a Fab Lab or makerspace. During this initial phase, we are collecting activities and projects from any educators engaged in STEM pursuits for K-12 learners. The purpose of the call for activities and projects is to develop a compilation of digital fabrication lessons that have been aligned to standards and remixed a bit for open source distribution.

We are calling any educators in the Fab Lab and Maker networks to contribute content by May 31st, 2017. Once collected, the activities will be further developed and refined into digital fabrication lesson plans that are aligned to national U.S. standards, and later international standards. The final SCOPES-df lessons will be organized in a single format and attribute original content and sources to the contributor, and are open for release under a Creative Commons CC by SA license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others (this aligns with our organization and network’s charter).

During the 2017-18 school year, we will work with a small cohort of schools to further develop curriculum and provide professional development, further building out the community of practice in person and through a new online community connected to our existing community platform on

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