Setting up a new fab lab at AIC GGSIPU in Delhi, India


We want to set up a fab lab in Delhi area.
We need some help in identifying the right machines and their procurement sources.

Any suggestions would help.


The Fab Foundation offers services around the creation of Fab Labs (and we have set up several in India) - please reach out to info (AT) if you would like more details.

Alternatively you can find more information about labs and their setup here - Getting Started with Fab Labs


For a specific list of machines etc, see the requirements to become a hun in the fabacademy network,

For other topics regarding fablab management, see The Fablab Life Cyvle report at The Fab Lab Life Cycle; Report of the FAB10 workshops; Pieter van der Hijden & Beno Juarez | PDF.

Does this help?

All the best from Suriname,
Pieter van der Hijden

@AicGGSIPU please reach out to me ,9113267458 for details.

For Indian standard machine vendor.I will help you or write on