Setting Up Lab Called Rincon Fab Lab Maker

Hello FabLab People:

We the Executive Committee from Rincon Fab Lab Maker, are in the task of submitting paper work to be eligible to request funds, our goal is to request:

  1. Federal funds for construction
  2. Private funds through Bank Foundation to cover machines and furniture (Material for furniture) inventory
  3. Private funds through Tech or Aerospace Companies to cover Operational expenses

To qualify for private funds through Bank Foundations, they are requesting this two points that we need to answer, which are:

Section VIII Results measurement
In this section you must answer the following two questions about how the success of the program for which funds are requested will be measured:
• What methods will be used to measure the results of the program for which they are requesting funds?
• How will the success of the program be defined?

Section X. Required documentation.
• Document explaining the strategic vision that guides the programs of the organization.

Becouse we are not a lab that is open to the public, we are building it from zero point, we have to answer this question to qualify for the fund request. Can anyone guide us to whom or where get this data?