SolidWorks licence


Greetings from FabLab Sunderland (UK)!

I have a question: when we opened a couple of years ago, I registered us with on the site and applied for the FabLab licence for SolidWorks. This licence has now expired and our local VAR ( have told us that we will now need to purchase a licence if we wish to update to the latest version. Is this correct?



Hi; @CarlGregg

Maybe you’r question can send also Which you are already know that Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation is a partner of the Fab Foundation, providing SolidWorks software through sponsorship of labs

A local VAR called me too for the same reason, I told them I was a FabLab and Please go away I have a license from Dassault using the fablab agreement… they never called back. Ignore them and use the advice from barbarossa below