Status of an unpublished lab


I had wanted to add our lab, the Munich Maker Lab, to the map quite a while back. Put in a bunch of information back then, but never heard anything from it. Now it’s still not on the map, but it’s in the list of all labs, noting it would be added to the map “soon”. What’s the process here? Seems like “soon” is not really all that soon, or is it? Is there any chance to check on the status of a still-unpublished lab?



Maybe @openp2pdesign can give you a status about your lab. Or write an email to describing your problem.

When did you submit your lab?

Must have been quite a while ago, I don’t even remember…


Back in the day i had the same problem. I fixed it via mail to the webmasters. Try to write to them to see if they can help you.