The management team has gone, but the fablab is still standing! (holacracy mode)

Hello tout le monde :vulcan_salute:
Our previous director is no longer managing the FabLab team and structure -nor our previous FabLab Manager.
How do we retrieve the account administration of our FabLab page - which is still active?
Do we need to provide you with any documents, and if so, which ones?
Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:
… We’re just getting started with the paperwork and administration, which is a such change from the field…

Hi Christine,

Here is a way to regain control:

  1. Login at with your personal account, christine …
  2. Go to your fablabs page at and click “I work here”, enter details and save.
  3. Let me know, you did it. Then I can approve you as an employee. As soon as I have done that, you have control and can approve other staff as well or remove staff that has gone.

All the best,
Pieter van der Hijden

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