Using blockchain for Fablabs sustainability

I have been investigating on how block-chain can be used for sustainability in Fab labs. If anyone is working on this too or would like to collaborate please comment and let us keep the conversation going.


Thanks for startting this topic! It’s an important issue, here in Barcelona we’ve been considering it for a while already, @tomas is leading the discussion on the Fab Chain project, last week he also held a workshop at FAB14, here’s the Fab Chain whitepaper!


Thank you for sharing this. I wasnt able to attend Fab 14 and i am looking to find out what i missed. I have been working with a blockchain community here in Nairobi called EOS Nairobi and i am already seeing ways in which the technology would apply in the Fablab network. I hope we can all collaborate on this.

I have read the white paper and i think it is a good idea. I second the Barcelona Cryptocurrency community that the Ethereum infrastructure will not work.The best implementation is that using delegated proof of stake such as in the EOS platform which is very current and fresh in the market. I would like to offer insights of this since we have worked closely with the makers of EOS and understand how it works.

Also on a side note my thoughts on sustainability lay more on air dropping ICOs themed around different initiatives.

@openp2pdesign and @felicity : Am I correct in understanding that by “using blockchain” you mean implementing some kind of de-centralised database that records/logs all the interactions between parties involved in a Fablab/makerspace or a fablab project ?

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Yes. Absolutely. That is what i meant

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Hi there! Sorry to come out of nowhere :slight_smile:

I’m Pedro Parrachia, working mostly with R&D of digital infrastructure for the public good (mostly blockchain based, but also “legacy” systems as well). My background is on public health, passing through food sovereignty. Which lead me to Permaculture and eventually to the Maker space as well.

I think this is a great idea. But as @akopp pointed with that thorough Medium post, creating a new blockchain is not an easy nor simple choice. Fortunately, creating one is not the only way to join the cryptosphere and harness potential benefits from this entirely new field of Decentralized Ledger Technologies like Blockchain.
DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are a powerful architecture for distributed governance
Middleware projects like Aragon make starting one a transparent and agile process.
Token bonded curves offer an interesting model for long term funding while retaining founders incentives; very experimental but full of potential.
On-boarding current ongoing blockchain projects for social good, like Faircoop, Roots project, and many more
Using Web3, blockchain based, tools like Steemit (blog), Brave (browser), Hyperspace (social network)…
Web3 market networks are coming and they promise to change how we exchange value, with more autonomy and fairness with smart contracts helping support unprecedented accountable freedom.
Accessing independent, multidisciplinary teams, joining research networks, applying to a DAOincubator (like the one I’m part of!)…

Those are only a few possibilities of, again, an entire new field. There is much more out there already but exponentially more is about to come.
I know this post is not new but as I just arrived, maybe there still is interest somewhere. Feel free to reach me out directly or here.

Best regards