Video conferncing with Students

STEAM Fab Lab at TASIS Dorado is currently looking for other Fab Labs that would be interested in connecting through video-conferencing, for sharing a brief discussion of your fab lab and projects being developed.
We are located inside a private, coeducational day school which offers Pre-Pre Kinder through 12th grade education. Current courses developed inside the Fab Lab include STEAM for middle school and a Research and Engineering course for high school. In both courses students experience the engineering design process to create designs of their own, solving specific problems discussed in class.

We would like to expose our student to the experience of learning about other Fab Labs in the network, both at school and university levels. This would enable us to learn about and discuss projects being developed around the world and create new collaboration possibilities. If you are interested, please contact us at


Hi Cristina,

Have you tried reaching the FabLat Kids network? They have been working for a long time doing exactly what you need!

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I haven’t contacted them yet, but I will write. Thanks for the idea!


I’d just add that we are working also on adding videoconferencing to, it’s not a big feature but it should simplify connections in the community


Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

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