Volunteering in Fablab

Hi, Makers!
My name is Natalia and I work as lead manager of Fablab (Creative Point) in Slovakia. I feel that we need “fresh air” in our Lab, some new ideas, topics for workshops, new processes, that´s why I write here. :slight_smile: I want to offer my volunteering as technical specialist in your Lab for one month (in october/november/december) to learn something new, meet great people and do some networking. Feel free to contact me.

Have a creative day! :wink:


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Hi ,If you are willing to come India let me know.
U learn more and explore more at
Makerspace@CMRIT Fab lab Bangalore , India.

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you are very welcome at Fab lab erfindergarden in Munich. October or November would be fine.

you can reach me at andreas@erfindergarden.de

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