What is the status of this site?

Hi all,
It seems that Quite a few people have issues getting the labs updated and quite a lot of the topics are getting stale.
Github shows very little signs of development (with a few exceptions).

What is the status of this site? Being the official map list of fabfoundation I would argue that this is a priority to have in working order.
Do you need help? Admins? Developers?

A question for all: what are your thoughts on this site? (Trying to boost interaction to gauge the interest)


imho the site is broken and has been for many years. people appear to have moved to the “fab city full stack”. there is little interest in keeping things tidy and running when kicking off new shit is far more exciting. no blame, i’m the same, just an observation.

Sorry for my ignorance - I tried to google ‘fab city full stack’ but didn’t really get meaningful results back. Can you post a link?

I would very much like to try and fix this site but I can’t get in contact with admins.
Of course it doesn’t make sense if the users are no longer here

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Hi Hans Peter,

We are actually working on creating a new version of the site - but we are a small team, and the original funding that was obtained for setting up this platform is gone, so we are trying to figure out how to maintain it (as you probably know, large websites need quite some maintenance and development :wink: )

Thanks for bringing this up though!

thats is the anser of the fab foundation for 2 years. @jeanmichelmolenaar I don’t see that it is a large website. Why dont you finally give fablabs.io to the community. It is clear that the small group of fab foundation people cannot do the job.

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I’m always surprised by the directness of your answers Andy, the the lack of even trying to be constructive :wink: What do you mean ‘give it to the community’? Give it to you?

Perhaps people who do want to volunteer to help improve the site and keep it up to date can be added to the admin group. It is important for fablabs.io to be kept up to date to help the fab foundation remain relevant and also to continue to encourage people to set up a fab lab and join the network.

I’ve finally put in our application for the Lake Mac Fab Lab to be added as we opened for our first workshops last weekend. I’m in Australia and I hope to help raise awareness of the fab foundation and fab city here and encourage others to get involved.

I would be happy to volunteer time to help get the fablabs.io site in a better state, including helping with cleaning up the map of labs as there are a number of non-active fab labs on the map that need to be reconnected with or put as no longer active. For example here in Australia we have a number of labs listed as active, but when I contacted them they said they did not have anything to do with the fab foundation anymore.

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Buenas, intento registrar nuestro lab Sign in | FabLabs y me da un error 413 Request Entity Too Large.
Me parece el formulario no esta funcionando, me podrías decir como ingresaste la solicitud ?

To avoid 413 error make sure the total combined size of all attached files to the application is under 1Mb