What's after "need_more_info"?

I marked Fab Lab da Indústria as “need_more_info”, and now they came back with enough information to me. How do I move them from “need_more_info” to “approved”?



Your referees need to approve your FabLab. Contact them to move forward the process.

Best luck!

Jason is the referee!

My bad I didn’t read carefully, sorry!

Hi Alejandro,

We inaugurated the Industry Fab Lab in 08/31/2017.
We need which you answer Jason about how change our status them from “need_more_info” to “approved”.
We have the Barcelona Fab Lab approval and we need one more.

Best regards
Edson Vander


You should have received an email telling you that one of your referees needed more info (I don’t know if that email contains the referee info, when I did it, the email didn’t have it) or approved your request. You should contact them and ask then which information they need in order to move forward with the process.

Good luck!

There is another fablab that got stocked in the need_more_info stage after they provide extra info.

FabLab Lapalisse

Please help them get rolling, thanks!

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Same here. The confussion is in the workflow:

  1. I am a referee and receive a lab approval
  2. I mark the lab as NEED MORE INFO
  3. All buttons to approve or reject the lab now dissapear
  4. The lab enters the required info but we cannot approve it anymore

What should be the procedure after NEED MORE INFO?

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It seems to be a bug, I’ve just opened an issue on GitHub for this: https://github.com/fablabbcn/fablabs/issues/357

Hi Alejandro!

How can we solve this? We effected the industry fab lab submission at 02.02.2017, in sequence we received the arbitrators request (Kamamura and Vancouver) to provide more informations about the lab.

As a requested, we fill the informations and we contact the arbitrators. However Kamamura did not give us did not give us any return. Vancouver through Jason Wang has been assisting us in this matter, to which I take this moment to thank.

See the first message of this discussion thread where it asks for more information to change our status of “need_more_info” to “approved”.

Certain of the understanding and collaboration of all, we are waiting for a solution.

Best regards.
Edson Vander


As @openp2pdesign said, the site has a bug which doesn’t allow to move a lab from “need more info” to “approved” state by the referee.

If all your referees gave you their +1 (approval), maybe some of then isn’t able to change you lab status due that mentioned bug.

Maybe the way to go here is to contact them and ask if they are experiencing this problem, and from there, define if the bug must be solved or there is some workaround.

@openp2pdesign, please correct me if i’m wrong.

Hi Alessandro,

We received approval from Fab Lab BCN and Kamakura (as pictured below), but our Fab Lab still doesn’t appear the official fablabs.io list.

How should we proceed to solve this problem?
Certain of the understanding and collaboration of all, we are waiting for a solution.
Best regards.
Edson Vander Lopes

Reopening this issue. Is there a procedure until this bug is fixed?