Would any of your UK labs be suitable for me?


I’m planning on building an expedition vehicle based on an 18 ton army truck, and driving it around the world!

I’m getting a professional company to build the body of the living compartment, but I want to install the interior myself, so building all the frames for the furniture, installing the electronics, kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, heating, cooling etc etc etc.

I haven’t really ever done much woodwork myself so this will be a huge learning experience for me! I’ve been learning Fusion 360 and hope to use a laser CNC machine to fabricate as many of the plywood parts as possible.

Is this something any of your UK fabs might be suitable for? I’ll need somewhere nearby to park the truck while I work on it… It’ll be 9m long and 2.5m wide :grimacing:

It can be anywhere in the UK really - I’m based in London now but I’m planning on renting a room near the workshop for the duration of the build.

p.s. if you’re interested, check out my interior layout here. Right click and choose “Hide selected” to hide the walls so you can see inside, or click “Properties” to see the names of the objects. Orange is usable storage, red is heat or power systems, blue is water tanks and systems.

Here’s the type of truck I’m basing the design on:


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FYI I found the perfect space! Moved in today: https://www.space2make.co.uk/

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this looks great! This forum is not to active. So many spaces out there you are sure faster with searching in search engines.

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