Fablab udla application Issue

Dear fablabs.io,

We filled out the application form to register our fablab UDLA at fablab io, but our referred fablabs (Fab Lab Barcelona, fablab Lima, fablab open dot) have not received any notification, and they cannot find us either, as can be seen in the attached images. We have tried to submit the application again, but it shows that our name is already taken because we previously submitted the application. We kindly request your assistance.

Sincerely, Danny Vallejo,
fablab UDLA Operator.

Hello Fablab udla,

The re-submission is possible only with a different name i would suggest you apply as a variation like: Fab Lab Udla or even Udla Fab Lab. If you have already contacted these referees, and they have responded, I would suggest maintain them, if not feel free to use Institute Fab Lab Brasil as a referee, we have a process in place for a more concise approval (we ask for more information but have a document that explicit what info we need) as of this year we have approved 3 international and 6 national fab labs with that system. Cheers.

Hello Kenzoabiko, thanks for your response. We wrote in another channel, and Pieter van der Hijden helped us with some recommendations, and I believe we were able to register the fablab with the slug UDLA. We will wait for the approval and get in touch with the referees. Perhaps you could give us an estimated response time for our referred fablabs to get back to us, so that in case any of them don’t respond, we can follow your suggestion and reach out to Fablab Brasil. I appreciate your help in advance.link to the other chanel (Pieter help)