No confirmation on new lab application

Hello everyone!
We recently filled out the application for becoming part of the FabLab community.
Our Lab is called PreLab Workshop.
We didn’t receive any emails either from the fablabs team nor the referees.
Also, I can’t find the submitted application anywhere.
When I filled out the application I had made a mistake with the email which I fixed after submitting the application and I was wondering if that was the problem.
We look forward to resolving the issue and becoming a contributing member of the community.

Hello, I have the same issue. We are trying to register the FabLab “La Palanquée”, I filled out and sent the form already 20 days ago. What can we do?

Same here, for Make-It-Here, 4 months ago. have given up.

Same for IICA FabLab Costa Rica, greetings

Hi Team, i applied on the 25th of February for our Hive lab at the University of the Sunshine Coast but haven’t heard back.
Could you please help us to get listed and accepted.
Thank you kindly,
Uwe Terton

Did some further reading in the forum,
seems like a lot of folks have this problem lately.
The process was that each lab needed to contact the referee labs, but even after doing that we still haven’t heard back from anyone :confused:

I am also referencing here other posts with similar topics.

Also, I noticed that the number of posts has really died down in the last two years :frowning:

I also filled out the form, but I didn’t receive anything
I did not know how to communicate with the reference lab, which I chose, or how this process was.
Please help me with that or inform me about the method or procedures followed after registering and submitting the formز
My greetings
Fab Lab Stream

After making contact with several community coordinators we managed to get our lab approved and in the map. We are proud to be a part of this community.
If you are still having problems try contacting a big fab lab in your continent or country (depends on the scale :stuck_out_tongue: ) and explaining everything. I also understood that, since the discuss platform is difficult to maintain without a budget, if there is no participation it will tend to die out, so let’s all do our best to maintain this community! @FLStream @uterton @IICAFabLab @MIHMike1 @abenitezc hope you figure it out! If you need anything else, message me.

Hi Everyone,

Please take into consideration that we have a high demand for new lab application and the process sometimes can take around 1- 2 months depending on the time of the year, to get your lab approved.

Let me know if you need additional help.

Have a nice day

Is there a person we can contact to find out the status of our application? I am also waiting (for Fablab PlusX Brighton) and want to register to run Fab Academy this year so I’m concerned if this becomes a bottleneck

I appreciate this is a community effort so thanks to everyone who helps make it happen!


The fablab community is trying to take over the forum from fab foundation and then we want to fix the application process together. There was just a zoom event about “fixing”. At the moment it seems that there is no dedicated developer for fixing the fablaforms bug also there is no budget to run the platform. I think the next call will be in September and then we hopefully can make a plan on your to go forward.

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